What are the WhatsApp new features

Dec Tue 2023 01:33:11


What are the WhatsApp new features

The fact that the number of WhatsApp users in the world is around 3 billion confirms this. With the popularity of the platform, WhatsApp has been continuously adding new features and facilities for users.

Secret code feature

With the help of WhatsApp's secret code feature, users can make their locked chats even more secure. To open a locked chat, you need to enter a four-digit code. That special code is available only to the respective WhatsApp account holder. Because of this, the second person besides you cannot open your WhatsApp chat.

Hide secret chat from chat lock

WhatsApp also has some personal and secret chats which we often want to hide from other people. For this you can lock any chat. Then it can be opened only by passcode, face authentication, fingerprint etc.

PIN message feature

There is an option to pin any chat or group on WhatsApp. With its help, chats can be pinned to bring them to the top. With the help of WhatsApp's Min Message feature, users can pin any of their messages, photos and videos.

Edit message option

WhatsApp has also released a message editing feature this year which is very special. Sometimes there may be some error in the message sent to someone. In this case, the user can easily correct the sent message. It is also available in group and individual chats.

Send HD messages

Considering the needs of the users on WhatsApp, the update of HD pictures has been released. With the help of this feature, users can send High Definition pictures without reducing the picture quality.

Mute unknown phone calls

Calls are also received on WhatsApp from various unknown numbers and some such numbers are also used by cyber thugs. That is why WhatsApp has introduced the Silence Unknown Calls feature to avoid cyber fraud and to be sure of the dangers of such unknown phone calls.

WhatsApp channel feature

WhatsApp has also released the Channels feature this year, which is very popular. With its help, any person or organization can prepare their own channel. Then people who see his details can follow him.

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